Potholes filled with water, mud in Naharlagun-Nirjuli NH-415 make for road commuters’ nightmare

On the same time the Lekhi road is slowly disappearing from the surface.

ITANAGAR- ( By Geli Riba ) The stretch of NH-415 from Naharlagun to Nirjuli  have turned into slush-filled ponds and many times, the muddy water enters the homes of those living on the roadside. Some motorists have suffered minor injuries after falling off their vehicles. Pedestrians getting splattered with mud is a common sight now.

The construction of National Highway-415 (NH-415) package ‘B’ ( Papu Nala to Nirjuli) began in December 2021. In the current scenario the road condition is very bad. Potholes, water logging and mud are causing major traffic and mobility problems in this stretch of NH-415.  On the same time the Lekhi roads is slowly disappearing from the surface.

Naharlagun is already witnessing a lot of traffic congestion on a daily basis even before the construction work.  Proper planning and execution of traffic management has to be done before construction work takes place under the city.

Potholes filled with water, mud in Naharlagun-Nirjuli NH-15 make for road commuters' nightmare

When this correspondent asked about the Road condition between Model village and Bage Tinali the Executive Engineer Bini Pelen of Naharlagun Highway Division P.W.D Nirjuli, said “Actually the current condition of the road is mostly due to the hill side cutting; all the mud and beverages are all collected in the road, authority tries to clean it but again gets filled due to the rain and no proper drainage system”.

However “The authority and contractors are doing their best to encounter every possible flaw in maintaining the road condition properly, also little smoothening of roads is taking place up to some extent” He added.

Replying to an another question regarding absent of proper Sewage system, EE Bini said “ yes there should have been a proper working drainage system , But there is also some mistake of the public here , it’s okay you can build houses, shops and vendors beside the road, but the public shouldn’t have filled that drainage with waste and garbage. Which have now resulted in blockage in the crossing point of waters. Before the arrival of full monsoon this year, a proper drainage system and all blocked crossing drainage points will be cleaned and rebuilt properly. Currently we are in talks with the Deputy Commissioner Office and the Contractors”. Bini informed.

Potholes filled with water, mud in Naharlagun-Nirjuli NH-15 make for road commuters' nightmare

Explaining about the ongoing Construction work of the Pkg B of NH-415,  Bini informed that The Department reviewed contractor’s work on a quarterly, monthly basis. The first milestone i.e. 10% of work should be achieved by the December- 2022 and 35% milestone by the September- 2023.

It is a matter of time now how things are going to work out for Naharlagun, but for now the citizens have to endure a little problems  during the construction process, while the Authority keeps on check and balance with contractor.

Future of the city looks very vibrant and promising; Itanagar has already gone through major transformation recently so it is believable.  The past mistake should not be repeated this time; delay of package ‘A’ construction caused many problems to the citizens.

The completion period of the work of this stretch, Package B of NH-415 is 36 month from the commencement date which is 8th December 2021, it means the construction of the Pkg B of NH-415 should be completed by 8th December 2024.

There will be two flyovers, taking off from hotel Benjamin pappu-nala and will land near Kankar-Nala School,  of a total length is 4.9 Kilometer.

There will be another two lane road underneath the flyover and in between pillars of the flyover, a parking place will be developed. The total length of NH-415 package B  is 11.2 kilometer.


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