Itanagar: 18-year-old girl’s body found, Police appeals denizens to identify body

Papum pare district police found a body of a girl aged around 18- 20 years from kimin, and appeal denizens  to identify the body, if any girl is missing from any family.


Papum Pare district police today appeal the citizens and parents of whose girl child of aged around 18 to 20 years is missing may kindly contact Kimin police station.

Informing this SP, Papum Pare Pranap Tayal said that a body of a girl aged around 18- 20 years was found at Hawa Canp in Kimin circle of the district. the body was lying at a distance of around 200 meter away from the main road toward Sele village.

The body has been burned upto 90 to 95 % and beyond identification. After registering a case at Kimin police station Vide Case No-4/19 u/s- 302, the post mortem was conducted at Kimin Community Health Centre (CHC) and the body have been kept at morgue of RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar for next 72 hours and will be disposed off properly. He said.

A bullet of .22 rifle was also found nearby the body and police is investigating the case, weather it is a murder or suicide or anything other. he added.

However, Kimin SDO Likha Teji inform that we are also contacting the locals there at Hawa Camp area to gather more information about the deceased. She was wearing blue Salwar Kamese and beyond identification, SDO further appeal those parents whose any girl child is missing in last two three days of aged around 18 to 20 years and contact Kimin Police station.


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