Harrowing whole night helping hands saga to battered NE female victim

sacrifices of Helping Hands Volunteers.

Helping Hands moots NE Directory as game changer: Robin HibuNEW DELHI- ( By Robin Hibu, Founder President, Helping Hand )  After heart-breaking SOS information about brutal battering of NE female, her two tiny daughters left alone at rented house by her foreigner ‘husband’ at Gurgaon, who disappeared after the brutal beating when she asked for money for family rations and rent as she is not working  ( as this elusive man is dating another NE young female).

Helping Hands Volunteers Dr Sangeeta Chanu and Rony immediately rushed on my request to help her at 11.30 pm at night yesterday….. took her to hospital, called police, took care of the two hungry  weeping  tiny children”,.

The victim woman fainted at hospital, she had no acquaintances in Delhi NCR, nor at back home ….her father in Army .

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Helping Hands Volunteers had to stay whole night from 11 pm to 6 am at Gurgaon hospital handling the weeping two kids and injured mother at hospital, even I had to speak to police officer at night in Gurgaon.

She is in doldrum, no where to go …no money, no job, landlord asking her to vacate the house,  her elusive living together foreigner leaving her for new female from her community…..

 “Sadly another NE Air hostess whom I scolded for rushy impudent decision to live together with her so called what she confided me” caring, God fearing hubby living together,  on getting pregnant, he administered medicines for abortion, with faith on him she took medicines for weeks …which lead to massive complications and non stop bleeding….which resulted into removing her fallopian tube to save her life. She can never get pregnant again, her ” living together hubby ” avoiding her, abandoned her while she was recovering from fatal operation in hospital.

She straightly came to my office without appointment from hospital after discharging from hospital, wept bitterly, confided me all her botched painful saga of failed relationship ….her brother and her parent have advised her to forget the past and also to avoid badname in society.

But she told me that she will not able to live in peace as that man has spoiled her life ( no fallopian tube ), given her un-prescribed medicines,  all her saving gone in medical bills, nothing to look forward in life…….

Wiping her tears, she told me to help her to get justice …. we are filling rape case, engaged one of Helping Hands counselor and Helping Hands lady lawyer to fight for this battered prodigal NE  Airhostess.

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She lives in world of pain, regret, battered bodily, soully…with no hope in future ….ironically, she told me that she was aware of all Helping Hands awareness campaigns but she did blunder by having faith on this evil man with sweet tongue , showered with costly gifts, pretended to be God fearing man .

Her statement of ” mera wala alag hoga ” really repulsive to hear .This statement is universal for such hundreds of our females in cities on being left or abandoned after few years of rushy marriages in cities .

Today after struggling by Helping Hands lawyers, volunteers for 8 months, finally one of NE female who was in jailed in Mumbai came out of jail, she was involved with another man who was involved in crimes of fraud by sending gifts, extorting money claiming that gifts are at Airports need custom, police clearance etc.

Also in drug related cases, She had 2 years loveria good times with this man… till police caught them for crimes .

But I don’t reveal the names of the victims and such awareness to me is only way of educating our youth for better life … avoid such folly in their youth while in jurassic cities far away from glaring eyes of parents and kith and kins back homes in NE states.)

Have a silent thought please and than do share to our youth in social media forums for awareness if you are convinced of my initiative through Helping Hands.


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