Author Renu Saini to ink Robin Hibu’s Hindi biography

‘‘तू पंख ले ले, मुझे बस एक हौस्ला  दे दे -फिर आंधियों को मेरा नाम और पता दे दे “

“too pankh le le, mujhey bas ek hausla de de – phir aandhiyon ko mera naam aur pata de de 

Author Renu Saini to ink Robin Hibu’s Hindi biography ( By Pradeep Kumar ) – Record holder Robin Hibu,  first IPS and a 1993 batch AGMUT cadre officer of Arunachal Pradesh, present Delhi Police special commissioner, has drawn attention of noted Hindi author Renu Saini for writing his biography.

Saini, who has been compiling achievements of past National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets, talking to this daily over telephone from Delhi on Sunday, said that she had met Hibu on Friday as he was an air wing NCC cadet in his school days.

“My two-hour long conversation left me speechless on learning the struggle of his life to rise to present position despite hailing from remote Arunachal Pradesh as he said that Gandhian principles energized him to move ahead which made him a staunch believer of Gandhiji and humanist. This prompted me to write his biography which undoubtedly would remove biased wrong notions about North East and its people.

“The people of NE often face racial discrimination because of their inborn Mongoloid features which he (Hibu) had also initially faced with people addressing him as ‘Bahadur’. Regrettably, he was not given a seat in RKM School to accommodate son of a VVIP which had stirred his conscience to bring changes in himself to influence the society for others to emulate. He believes that thinking of changing the society would be next to impossible, but changing oneself is possible which he did with aplomb.


“It is not possible for me to describe a global role model as he has unparallel annual confidential reports, particularly in solving many crimes in record times in national capital territory of New Delhi, served as commander of UN Police to Bosnia (1998-99) &  Kosovo (1999-2000), both former Yugoslavia and chief security officer of Rastrapati Bhavan. His founded NGO Helping Hands to assist NE people living across India whenever anyone is in distress besides humanitarian services extended to COVID-19 infected NE people in New Delhi have made him a saviour” she said with conviction.

Author Renu Saini to ink Robin Hibu’s Hindi biography

“As a writer I know that many Arunchalees are global record holders in sports and adventure fields. Thus, it would be foolhardy to talk ill of them as they are staunch nationalists as they greet each others with ‘Jai Hind’,” she added.

Soni, who is a noted Hindi author credited with publishing 25 books, including online, said that it is a fact that Hindi is lingua franca in most parts of India, except south India, and the biography once reaches the readers would help in influencing thm, present generation of youth particularly, who mostly expects success without toiling for it. “I consider myself lucky to get this opportunity,” she added.

In fact, Delhi-based biographer Dr Thanmi Khamrang has completed Hibu’s biography in English and submitted to the publisher which got delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.  “I am on a herculean task as writing on him would be almost showing an earthen lamp to the sun and ask which is burning brighter,” Khamrang who had explained the seriousness of his new assignment, on Sunday said the printing work would begin soon once the situation improves.

Interestingly few Bollywood and Hollywood producers and script writers had approached Hibu to make a biopic film on him by adhering to Cinema Act. In fact, Delhi Police nodal officer for NE people in Delhi he was instrument in introducing a helpline for them special recruitment  of NE people by Delhi Police and inviting noted NE journalists to acquaint Delhi police personnel about uniqueness of NE personnel to  check racial discrimination. But, who knows how many glorious chapters this ‘man born with a purpose’ would add to NE history while continuing his mission of life?


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