Arunachal: ABKYW continues search operation for 2 Assam students suspected to have drown in Siang river

The search operation from ABKYW East Siang is underway under the leadership of Rahul Tamuk, President ABKYW.

PASIGHAT (By Maksam Tayeng )-  It’s been more than 9 days, the Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing (ABKYW) East Siang Unit members are helping and participating in the search operation team of SDRF Pasighat and Dhemaji, Assam in search of two students from Dibrugarh University who allegedly got drowned in Siang river at Raneghat area last week.

The search operation from ABKYW East Siang is underway under the leadership of Rahul Tamuk, President and he said that, ABKYW East Siang unit is monitoring the search operation of the drowned dead bodies of the two boys from dibrugarh University, who came here at Pasighat as tourists along with three other students from the same University and lost their lives at Siang river (Ranaghat) on 17th July 2022 while taking bath in the world’s one of the most turbulent river.

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The ABKYW East Siang unit along with the SDRF Pasighat and SDRF Dhemaji Assam are trying to recover the dead bodies of the two boys, Subodeep Paul, 23 yrs from Gohpur Assam who was pursuing BCA at Dibrugarh University and Prasiddha Handique, 24 yrs of Dibrugarh Sing Sapori who was pursuing PGDA at Dibrugarh University. The search operation was also coordinated by ABKYW apex also.

As per ABKYW, on the evening of 17th July, Okom Yosung, Secretary General, Adi Baane Kebang (the apex body of Adi society) had issued an order to the ABKYW to co-operate, guide and monitor the search operations. He strongly asserted that though the deceased were from neighboring Assam, it was the moral responsibility of ABK and ABKYW to help them at this hour in recovering the dead bodies, because as a local it is easier for us to do the search operation, said ABKYW East Siang team.

 But despite the hardest effort, the dead bodies are yet to be traced out, added ABKYW team.


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