CM Pema Khandu launches “Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan”

To bring the feeling of oneness among Arunachali, not only government but also people must take proactive part in it, said the CM Pema Khandu.



To make Arunachal a better place, Chief Minister Pema Khandu today administered a pledge on ‘Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan (HAA)’ to a massive gathering of people representing different NGOs, student community, government bodies, CBOs and various civil society organisations from across the state.

The pledge taken on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti resolved on becoming a responsible citizen, to work for social harmony and to protect the environment. It also aimed to restore Arunachal its crowning glory and to make the state as ‘island of peace’. People gathered resolved to work as citizen police to maintain law and order and pledged to refrain from any illegal act.

Earlier in his speech, Chief Minister addressing the gathering at Indira Gandhi Park said HAA has come into being to give thrust to Team Arunachal campaign. He said Arunachal is a challenging state in terms of cultural diversity. So to bring the feeling of oneness among Arunachali, not only government but also people must take proactive part in it, said the CM.

Chief Minister called on the people that Arunachali as an identity must come first before one’s respective tribe. He urged that such feelings must be infused in the minds and hearts of people for better future of Arunachal.

Chief Minister further said to bring together all tribal communities, government exercises such as budget preparation involves consultation with all community bodies. This is to give out the message that Team Arunachal is a government represented by every section of people.

However, there are certain bad elements that we must fight who are trying to derail the unity and peace in the state, said the CM. To fight such elements, along with police modernization, people must also start to take ownership and act as citizen police to build society free of crime, he said.

CM further said any breakdown in law and order discourages investment, which is vital for economic development of the state. To maintain law and order in the state, people need to be made equal participant, he asserted. Chief Minister said the HAA abhiyan will be continued upto 2024 without use of single penny from government exchequer. He said funding for the campaign will be sourced from corporate sector. Chief Minister suggested that HAA campaign should reach out to people on issues such as language preservation and promotion, drug awareness, prevention of money culture in election etc.

Earlier the CM released a “Picture Gandhi”, a best selling book on Mahatma Gandhi published by TULIKA PUBLISHERS for children translated to five tribal languages of Arunachal namely Adi, Apatani, Mishmi, Nyishi, Nocte and also Bodo language of Assam. The book is originally written in English by award winning author Sandhya Rao. The CM felicitated the 6 translators from 6 different tribes of Arunachal and Assam.

With the effort to sensitize young minds about energy sustainability and environmental care, Chief Minister launched the solar mission and administered pledge to students from various schools to play the role of Student Solar Ambassador. Chief Minister also administered pledge on swachhta hi sewa.

Earlier during the day, to mark the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Itanagar Municipal Council in collaboration with District Administration Capital Complex organised Shramdaan at IG park Itanagar. Chief Minister along with the Council of Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, DGP, Senior Officers and Officials from the District Administration and the IMC actively participated in the mass social service to get rid of plastic wastes.




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