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Assam: Sanjeev Sanyal visited Royal Global University (RGU)

 “As long as the Lions don’t have storytellers, history will always celebrate the hunters”, Revisiting Indian History with Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal


Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Principal Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India visited Royal Global University (RGU) and had an interactive session with students on ‘Revisiting Indian History’ on 4 December 2019 in the presence of  Prof. (Dr.) S.P Singh, Vice Chancellor, RGU,  Dr. Noni Gopal Mahanta, Registrar of Gauhati University invited guests, faculty and students. The interactive session was held under the aegis of Intellectual Forum of North East at RGU.

Prof (Dr.) S.P Singh expressed his gratitude for associating with RGU and encouraged the students to analyze, criticize and question to reframe the current scenario of India by making full use of this opportunity.

Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal emphasized on revisiting Indian history which may not be available in books that we read today but in the local and indigenous texts and manuscripts of a region. He vocally mentioned that none of us are a part of the history that we know today, as it was never told, hence, it is time that the people of a region acknowledge their existence and have the quest to know who we really are and our ancestors were.

He encouraged students to bring change by visiting historical places like the home of the Kamrup Prince, Raja Prithu, The  Jaintia Temple in the Jaintia Hills which is the sister temple to Kamakhya Temple. These are known to a very small percentage of people hence to find the real Indian History one has to take the painful duty to search for it as many are not recorded. He also answered questions on the economy of the country and its development. He was welcomed with a gamusa and memnto.


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