Arunachalee women doing Noble job, cleaning their village every fortnight

Arunachalee women doing noble job, cleaning their village every fortnight, which is an example for the whole nation, Chimpu Women Welfare Society organising mass social service since last three years to clean their village.



The Chimpu  Women Welfare Society (CWWS) carried out mass social service to clean their village every second Saturday since last three years.

CWWS President Tamchi Kumari and Secretary Hillang Atalia Tana inform that we have make it mandatory for conducting of social service as our routine work keeping in view for making our village, colony  and locality as neat and clean and in the greater interest of the health of the local residents for hygiene and clean environment.

The duo inform that leaving their husband and children, they began their social service early in the morning. Today we conduct social service at upper chimpu and Richi village and dispose off the waste by Tata mobile and we do also pay the hire charge ourselves.

We have been doing this since 3 years.

Kumari  inform that we also create awareness among the young childrens and other which motivate them to join hands during such drive in the locality. We are limited to our colony and village as handicapped due to fund shortage however we have been encouraged by SBM (G) activities.

If government provide fund we may move to other area of the city and motivate others. Kumari added.


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