Arunachal: Wangham visits Opium De Addiction and Rehabilitation centre


Thangwang Wangham, Parliamentary Secretary Power visits Opium De- Addiction and Rehabilitation centre (ODARC) set up at Tissing River here on Thursday along with local leaders and other well-wishers of District.


He visited the ODARC on Thursday and stay for a night with the inmates for close interaction with the staffs and the newly admitted addicts. The dream project of Mr Wangham has successfully treated as many as 35 opium addicts from Pumao village alone in the first batch and he applauded all the official and officers involves in the mission. Another 36 inmates also has been admitted for the treatment, from Niausa, Mintong, and Chanu village. Inform the official stationed at the centre.

 ‘This ODARC is a pragmatic and result- oriented than any other conventional de-addiction campaign.  It would be a new life mission for the addicts and give them a second chance to restart their lives.  The program would continue as long as the entire opium addicts from my district are wiped out’. Mr. Wangham stated during his speech to the enthusiastic inmates.

During his counselling session he lauded the positive intention of the inmates thereby decided to avail the opportunity brought to their doorsteps for de-addiction and rehabilitation of their ruined lives. ‘You could have spent lot of money to get the same treatment outside of the district which may not be possible at all. But you are getting free treatment, free rations and free stay here.’ He said.

He appeal the staffs to visits all the de-addict patients released earlier and monitor their progress in the village. ‘We have to ensure that those released inmates may not be fallen back again to their old habits, for which the dedicated staffs has to keep in touch with them and continue counselling.’

Once the entire opium addicts are wipe out from the villages, every youths, women societies, PRI members and students leaders will be entrusted to check all the trespassing of opium in the villages and the defaulters will be deal with iron hand. He said.

To show his solidarity to the inmates he stays for the night with the inmates along with local leaders and well-wishers who came along to extend their moral support to the inmates.

In the next morning of Friday, he took all the inmates and the staffs to the nearby allotted land and instructed them to start kitchen garden to keep them busy alongside their routine co-curricular activities. He also directed the staffs to starts piggery and poultry farm for which he has handover sufficient fund to the principal of the de-addiction centre. The MLA also has purchased and handover 10 nos of LPG cylinders and stove for the inmates during his visit.


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