Arunachal: Training on trout farming held at Shergaon

SHERGAON-  Two training programmes on “Trout farming for the livelihood security of Fish Farmers” and “Breeding and seed production of trout for the fish farmers” were organised under North East Hill activity by ICAR-Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research (ICAR-DCFR), Bhimtal in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries, Government of Arunachal Pradesh at Shergaon (West Kameng) during 9-14th January 2023 at Government Trout Farm Shergaon.

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During the training programme, discourses were provided on rainbow trout farming as a source of livelihood and its benefits. Detailed information on site selection, types of raceways and their construction, water quality etc. was provided. The lucrative income trout farming could fetch was also explained in detail to encourage the trainees in trout farming. The training was provided in an interactive way which was enjoyed by the trainees and the trainers. The trainees were also made aware about best farm management practices and disease prevention to maintain healthy livestock.

For the exposure of some new entrants in trout farming, field visits to the farms of progressive farmers were also arranged for demonstrating the way of trout farming. During the practical sessions, for which two days were fully dedicated, trout breeding was demonstrated twice.

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The trainees actively participated in the demonstrations held at Government Trout Farm, Shergaon and at a private farm owned by Dorjee Khandu, a progressive farmer of the village Jigaon. The trainees were actively involved in both the sites and also laid their hands on different procedures namely, collection of brooders for breeding, selection of male and female brooders, stripping operation, fertilization and transport of fertilized eggs. At village Jigaon Sang Khandu, Incharge Deputy Commissioner, West Kameng, was also present and commended the way the training was being conducted as each trainee was involved in some activity.

The valedictory function was presided over by Sang Khandu, Incharge Deputy Commissioner West Kameng, as the Chief Guest who applauded the dedication of the trainers and trainees as he too was a witness of the on-farm trout breeding. He thanks the scientists Dr Amit Pande and Dr RS Haldar of ICAR-DCFR Bhimtal for coming all over from Uttarakhand to conduct the training program.

He also appreciated the help and assistance provided by ICAR-DCFR in supporting the Department of Fisheries, Arunachal Pradesh time and again. He expressed his gratitude to ICAR-DCFR for providing four modern trout egg incubators (under NEH Activity) which would enable West Kameng to produce four lakh eyed ova and thus boost trout production in the region. Sang Khandu, also admired the dedication and sincere efforts of the District Fisheries Development Officer M. C. Adak, Pema Khandu Thungon Fishery Officer and the entire staff for making trout farming a success in this region.


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