Arunachal: Training for Bakery Products and Candle Making held at Longding

The valedictory cum certificate distribution ceremony, a day of triumph and celebration, was graced by esteemed dignitaries.

LONGDING- In a heartwarming culmination of learning and growth, Longding witnessed the successful completion of two transformative Micro Enterprise Development Programmes (MEDPs) dedicated to Bakery Products and Candle Making for Self-Help Groups (SHGs).


This empowering endeavour was made possible through the generous sponsorship of NABARD and the unwavering dedication of Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust (BLCCT), in collaboration with the Arunachal Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (ArSRLM).

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The valedictory cum certificate distribution ceremony, a day of triumph and celebration, was graced by esteemed dignitaries. Kamal Roy, the District Development Manager of NABARD, brought an air of honour as the Chief Guest. Nyatum Doke, District Information & Public Relation Officer (DIPRO), adorned the event as the Guest of Honour.

Joining them were Tompha Bangyang, Lead District Manager at SBI, and Mobi Ori, Business Development and Marketing Manager at ArSRLM, as Special Guests. President of BLCCT, Chandan Prasad, and the enthusiastic members of the SHGs also marked their presence, making the occasion truly special.

Chandan Prasad, President of BLCCT, illuminated the backdrop of these remarkable MEDPs, painting a vivid picture of the extensive training and its diverse benefits. SHGs, the backbone of these programs, were equipped with knowledge on crafting various bakery products and effective pricing strategies, paving the way for sustainable income.

Moreover, the second batch learned the art of crafting different types of candles, including Gel base, Soya base, and Paraffin base candles, ushering in opportunities for improved livelihoods. It was a momentous occasion, a testament to the commitment of all involved.

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The SHG members took centre stage, sharing their newfound wisdom and experiences gained during the course of this invaluable training. Their creations, an array of delectable bakery products and an array of captivating candles served as tangible proof of their newfound skills and boundless potential.

Tompha Bangyang, Lead District Manager at SBI, spoke passionately about the credit-linked schemes available for SHGs, outlining the necessary documentation to facilitate the approval process. The banks, he assured, stand ready to support the SHGs, extending a helping hand towards their aspirations.

Nyatum Doke, DIPRO of Longding, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to all the stakeholders for their collective efforts in making these MEDPs a resounding success. He encouraged the SHG members to seize this golden opportunity, stressing the importance of entrepreneurship as a means of livelihood development.

His words were brimming with hope and promise, as he wished the SHGs the very best in their journey towards producing bakery products and diverse candles.

Mobi Ori, BMM at ArSRLM, congratulated the trainees and urged them to embrace their newfound status as entrepreneurs. She also offered insights into the profound objectives of the Arunachal State Rural Livelihoods Mission (ArSRLM), illuminating the path ahead.

Kamal Roy, DDM, NABARD, provided a comprehensive overview of NABARD’s initiatives in both farm and off-farm sectors, highlighting the various development programs across the district.

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He recounted the inspiring success stories of Food Processing units established by SHGs in different parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Moreover, he emphasized NABARD’s vital role in providing marketing support through Rural Marts and Rural Haats, as well as NABARD’s pioneering efforts in promoting Geographical Indications (GI) within the state.

The crescendo of this remarkable day came with the distribution of certificates to the dedicated SHG members who had completed their training, a fitting culmination of a journey of learning and empowerment. President Chandan Prasad delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, underlining the collective effort that had made this transformation possible.

In the heart of Longding, a promising chapter has begun for these SHGs, as they take their newly acquired knowledge and skills to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. This remarkable event is a testament to the power of education, support, and empowerment, underscoring the potential for transformation and growth within every individual and every community.


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