Arunachal: State Govt set to transform school education

Taba Tedir,  Education Minister, Government of Arunachal Pradesh said, “To develop education in Arunachal Pradesh, we need to train our teachers properly.

ITANAGAR- The Government of Arunachal Pradesh, along with NITI Aayog and Reach to Teach Foundation, held a workshop to finalise post-NAS interventions for learning enhancement in the state

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Government of Arunachal Pradesh (GoAP), conducted a two-day visioning workshop on October 18 and 19, 2022, for pedagogy and district coordinators to finalise the post-National Achievement Survey (NAS) interventions and set into motion a three-year school transformation process in the state.


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The workshop was inaugurated by Pige Ligu, SPD ISSE-cum-Director, SCERT Arunachal Pradesh with welcome address to the participants, he said, “We need to focus on how best to give our children quality education and ensure their foundational learning is strong.”

On Day Two of the workshop, the Minister of Education, Taba Tedir launched the “Exams and Beyond – Toolkit for Secondary Students and Teachers”- a resource to help students meet their exams with confidence and a sense of calm.

Highlighting the importance of this collaborative workshop,  Taba Tedir,  Education Minister, Government of Arunachal Pradesh said, “To develop education in Arunachal Pradesh, we need to train our teachers properly. Only then will students receive proper education. This project is the first of its kind in the state. I thank the entire Reach to Teach team and hope we can make Arunachal the best in education.”

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Padmini Singla, Commissioner of Education, Arunachal Pradesh added, “Arunachal’s education system has some advantages that we don’t talk about. We have a small number of students, our Teacher-Pupil Ratio is good, and we don’t have a shortage of teachers. There is scope to bring about significant change.”

Talking about the partnership, Ratna Viswanathan, CEO, Reach to Teach, said, “Quality education is a key developmental and policy milestone. The current initiative aims at enhancing learning outcomes by focusing on the foundational literacy and numeracy ability of students. We want to create an ecosystem that fosters a mutually collaborative relationship between teachers, students, parents and the extended community.”

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The various facilitated discussions, groups work, experiential sessions held during the visioning workshop led to the drafting of a vision statement, setting key priorities from NAS-2021 and the development of a roadmap including a post-NAS plan.  The roadmap will bridge the gap focusing on strategies goals and barriers and the way forward as envisaged in Mission LEAP.


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