Arunachal PRC issue: Congress, NPP demanded PR in the state

On PRC issue the Congress and National People’s Party (NPP) has demanded imposition of President rule ( PR ) in Arunachal Pradesh. 



A Congress delegation met the governor on Saturday evening asking him to dissolve the government and announce President’s Rule in the state. The party has also resonated the protestors’ demand of the CM’s resignation.

The Arunachal unit of National People’s Party (NPP) raised their voice  and demanding  imposition of President Rule in Arunachal Pradesh.

A press statement issued by Nima Sangey Saling,  the  Spokesperson of NPP ( Arunachal Pradesh )  stated that President Rule must be imposed in the State and the only option available.

in the statement Nima stated that ” National People’s Party (NPP) has always defended the rights of the indigenous be it through the CAB or against the PRC. The indigenous people cannot be made to part an inch of their land or their sole rights within the State, an identity we are proud and will defend”.

The call by the Govt to scrap the granting is a little too late. It is time now for the Govt to heal the wounds they have caused, to give justice to those who have sacrificed their lives in these altercations. The Govt must do all that is necessary. President Rule must be imposed in the State and the only option available, Nima stated .


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