Arunachal: Piramal Foundation launched Buniyadi Shiksha Abhiyan in Namsai

NAMSAI-  Buniyadi Shiksha Abhiyan (BSA) is a Piramal Foundation initiative in accelerating NIPUN BHARAT, a National Initiative for profiency in reading with Understanding and Numeracy in 2021.  The initiative aims at achieving the objective of Universal Foundational and Numeracy (FLN) in schools by 2026-2027.
The initiative focuses on lower primary students education that were impacted more in the aftermath of the pandemic. During the launch, DDSE (Namsai), CDPO (Namsai) and various other stakeholders such as CRC’s, BRC’s of three blocks were present.
The team gave a brief introduction of the initiative to the attendees and how it can be a rejuvenating tool in improving quality of education for the Primary Standard Students.
In addition, Smti W. Khimum, CDPO suggested to give importance on health and nutrition equally. K. Umbon, DDSE encouraged the CRC’s and BRC’s to take the lead in making the initiative successful.
For the initial stage, the initiative will be introduced in 50 demo schools in all the blocks of Namsai and thereafter will be taken forward. The involvement of community in addition to the teachers will be given equal importance while creating volunteers to make it successful in a larger scale.



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