Arunachal: Over 300 vehicle requisitioned for election purpose

More than 300 vehicle requisitioned for election purpose- Secretary Transport Pige Ligu.



More than three hundred  light and heavy vehicle  have been requisitioned for conducting simultaneous election, said Secretary Transport and state nodal officer for Election Pige Ligu.

Ligu said we are already prepared and working out modalities as per requirement of the vehicle in various district specially few focused district like Kurung Kumey, Kra Daadi, Kamle, Siang, Leparada, Anjow  and Dibang Valley which are new district where all heads of department are not available and requirement  of vehicles are more.

Earlier during 2014 election there were many places which were not connected by road, so we manged with around two hundred fifty vehicle and helicopter sortie. Due to improvement of road network in several parts of state the vehicle requirement have increased and we  have so far requisitioned  more than 300 vehicle for the purpose, he said.

Around seven APST buses have also been requisitioned of which demand was placed by police headquarter.  Though they have their own arrangement but on basis of the requirement by PHQ we will provide  them vehicle for movement of troops to various parts of district. Ligu said.

To reach our far flung area like PIpsorang in Kra Daadi district Takseng in Upper Subansiri, Vijayanagar  and other parts of state helicopter sortie have been requisitioned and almost ready. Ligu added.

Ligu further we are ready to meet up any shortfall of vehicles across the state however local management are being done by the respective district election officer  (DEO) and we are in constant touch with state election office and coordinating the DEOs.


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