Arunachal: Nyokum Yullo celebrated at Talo 

Young and old, rich and poor, all took part with a true spirit of festival.

ZIRO-( By Pill Tayam-  Citizen Reporter )  Talo Nyokum festival celebration committee which was set up 2021 celebrated Nyokum festival in a unique way as well as with all pomp and gaity. The celebration was attended by indigenous senior citizens of the village and technocrats, bureaucrats of the same village.

Lower Subansiri DDSE Tabia Chobin who was also a denizen of the village attended the function as Chief guest and Toko Rikam, senior most villager as guest of honour.


The celebration was unique one and the people completely lost their soul in the festival.

Young and old, rich and poor, all took part with a true spirit of festival.

On the occasion, Lower Subansiri District DDSE urged the gathering to preserve their own tradition and culture.

He also stressed the festival committee to maintain Chornology of Talo Nyokum and further announced that the village is  going to celebrate Golden Jubilee celebration in the next year.

He assured of donating two Mithuns along with his two months salary to the committee for the same.

The senior villagers Toko Rikam who attended as guest of honour was also going to donate Rs.2 lakhs for next Nyishi Nyokum festival at Talo.


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