Arunachal: Nabam Tuki denied any move to join BJP



Former Chief Minister and veteran congress leader and Sagalee Assembly Constituency MLA of Arunachal Pradesh Nabam Tuki has denied any move to join any political party, especially BJP.

Reacting to a media publication in Asian Age on July 6,Tuki said that this is a planted story and I have no idea regarding it.

Tuki while clarifying his stand said that he has not attended any meeting for joining any political party.

Elaborating on his statement, Tuki said that There is no point in joining BJP and he hasn’t contacted anybody.  He also said that the reporter who wrote this should have verified and contacted me before going for publication.

Tuki said that the news published in Asian Age is not true and is merely an attempt to damage his public image.

Meanwhile In a clarification letter sent to the Editor of Asian Age, Nabam Tuki said that ” I am surprised after reading a news published in your daily with the headline  ‘Ex CM Tuki may join BJP soon’ appearing in your esteemed daily on 6th July, 2018. This article has been published  without any factual basis of my possibility of joining BJP. This is an attempt to malign my political standing without any verification from my end regarding the veracity of the reported developments which are anything but imaginary”

BJP President Tapir Gao when contacted said that he recently led a delegation comprising of the entire cabinet of Arunachal Pradesh to Imphal recently where there was a discussion with regards to the forthcoming parliamentary election in state and country.

In the said strategic discussion, the stand of the former chief ministers also came up and the name of all former chief minister including Gegong Apang, PK Thungon (who is not active) and Nabam Tuki came up where the fact that Nabam is in Congress was duly highlighted and nothing further regarding the same was discussed.

Joining of former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki was not discussed at all and even high command may not have any such information without consultation of the state unit, Gao added.

Meanwhile APCC General Secretary Tamchi Tahar while reacting to the article said that the reporter should have verified his claims and shouldn’t have published the said article without any clarification from any political party, especially Congress.


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