Arunachal: Moyong urges Tangsas to promote their dialects for posterity

NAMPONG-  Pasighat-East MLA and Advisor, UD, Transport and Municipal Corporation Kaling Moyong passionately appealed to the Tangsas to protect and promote thei dialects adding that many dialects in the state are on the verge of extinction mainly because the young people donot use the local dialects in their day-to-day life.
He was speaking during the Moh-Mol festival at Nampong as the chief guest on 25th April 2021. While extending his Moh-Mol festival greetings to the people Moyong appreciated the Tangsas for preserving and promoting their traditional costumes and rich culture.
He said that most of the festivals in Arunachal Pradesh are related to agriculture and the spirit of celebration is the same though names are different. The chief guest urged the Tangsa artisans and weavers to participate at Trade Fairs inside and outside the state. He asked the people to take the outbreak of second wave of Covid-19 seriously and get vaccination which is the only way to save themselves.
Toko Tatung, Secretary General of Arunachal Chambers of Commerce and Indistries while participating in the deliberation described Jairampur and Nampong as Mini India. While appreciating the local MLA Laisam Simai for the unprecedented development he had ushered-in with his unstinted effort and meticulous planning, requested the people not to depend only on government jobs which are hard to come by instead engage in gainful business enterpreneurship to sustain their livelihood. He told the people that they were fortunate to be residing at Nampong and its peripheries because the area holds promises galore thanks to the great tourism prospects because of the Stilwell road which links the area to many countries.
Earlier, in his welcome address, local MLA and chief patron of the Moh-Mol celebration Laisam Simai described the occasion as momentous and threw light on the significance of Moh-Mol festival for the Tangsas. He said that the Tangsas are spread across Changlang district and also in upper Assam and Myanmar.
In his address  Simai conveyed the messages of Governor, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to the people. While narrating the migratory history of the Tangsas the MLA re-iterated that the Tangsas are striving hard to preserve their rich and varied culture irrespective of professing different faiths.
He urged upon the Tangsas especially the youths to travel the proverbial extra mile to safeguard their dialects, costumes, folksongs, folkdances and other rich legacies inhetited from their great ancestors. Expressing concern over the remergence of second wave of Covid-19,  causing health havoc among the people, Simai urged upon the people to follow SOPs, health protocols and take vaccine at the earliest to save themselves from the pandemic.
Ojing Tasing, MLA, Pangin-Boleng and VP, State BJP, Ananth Narayan Mishra, Organizing Secretary, State BJP, ADC, Jairampur, SDO and a host of other distinguished guests attended the festival.
The two-day-long festival included folkdances, cultural programmes and Miss Moh-Mol pageant.


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