Arunachal: Migrant Labourers Starts Moving from Capital Complex to Assam

Banderdewa- More than four hundred migrants labourers today moved out from in and around capital complex  to Assam.  Most of them were facilitate by the capital complex administration and Papum Pare district administration in consultation with its counterpart in Assam.


Several migrants labourers and workers either were living in the various relief camps and other shelters in and around the capita complex  were waiting that the administration and state government to support their movement to their hometown and villages in Assam.

Almost all the people who moves out from the two check gate of Banderdewa and Hollongi are belongs to near by districts of Assam . They  were working in various firms,  contractors,  private residential and commercial buildings, agriculture and horticulture works etc.

Though the administration has managed transport for them but most of them moved there home town in Assam without informing district administration.

Few person when asked said that they are ready to face quarantine also if the Assam government allow them to enter the boundary, however it was observed that the security personnel and officers at both Hollongi and Banderdewa were also present across the boundary who were registering and taking all necessary information of the person who were entering in the Assam territory either by the support of administration or by themselves who come by other means of transport or by the foot.

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As per various sources till late evening the administration has arranged 6 buses to evacuate the migrant workers and laborers from Hollongi and Banderdewa checkgates.

Other sourced informed that around four hundreds people have moved out from capital complex since morning today.

Another information received from Papum pare administration informed that around 141 migrants laborers and workers have been send back to Assam with proper intimation to the counterpart in Assam, while


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