Arunachal: IMC Mayor Tamme Phassang urges Nyishi Community to celebrate ‘Nyokum Yullo’  with full rituals and to maintain an age-old tradition

Phassang said‘ Though Nyokum is being celebrated by the Nyishi Community, but, we do the prayers and seek blessings for the well-being of whole mankind.

ITANAGAR-  Itanagar Municipal Corporation ( IMC ) Mayor, Tamme Phassang urged Nyishi Community to celebrate its prestigious Festival “ Nyokum Yullo ”  with full rituals and to maintain an age-old tradition.

Mayor- Tamme Phassang, Commissioner –IMC Likha Tejji attended the 4th Nyishi Nyokum Yullo Celebration as Chief Guest & Guest of Honour respectively at Naharlagun on Sunday.


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Extending Nyokum Yullo greeting to the people, Phassang said ‘  Though Nyokum is being celebrated by the Nyishi Community, but,we do the prayers and seek blessings for the well-being of whole mankind. stating that, he urged the community to maintain the age-old tradition and ritual of the Nyokum  Yullo while celebrating it. Without rituals celebration of Nyokum Yullo is incomplete ‘stated Phassang.

Further, he also pressed for the importance of education in the society. Phassang urged the people to encourage education in society; Education is the only way to develop in any society. Stating that, he also urged the gathering specially youths not to misuse the three -S(SSS)  ‘ Society, Social Service and Social Media’. If these three ‘S’can be used in the right direction, we will definitely achieve positive development on all fronts, however, if misused, they may bring destruction to society.

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Phassang also suggested and assured to extend all possible support to the NKYCC-Naharlagun for the celebration of the “Nyokum Yullo in a grand manner next year.

Earlier, Commissioner IMC- Likha Tejji also stated that the ‘Nyokum Yullo” is not a religious festival but a secular festival where everyone from every walk of life can participate irrespective of their religion, caste, or creed.  “we all should join the celebration with our family, including children to show them how rich our culture & tradition is as well as to educate them for its preservation, added Tejji.

Among others, Chairman –NNYCC-Naharalgun  Nabam Nikia and  Organizing Secretary-NNYCC-Naharalgun Kipa Simi also spoke on the occasion.

 Besides, regular rituals, community feasts were also organized to mark the “ Nyokum Yullo” celebration.


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