Arunachal Governor concerned about the high rate of suicide in the Mishmi community



The  Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Brig.(Dr.) BD Mishra (Rtd.)  very concerned about the high rate of suicide in the Mishmi community, the marriage system where many adult girls remain unmarried and retaining of dead body in the house for days.

The  Governor & the first lady Mrs Neelam Mishra had a meeting  with  Mutchu Mithi, MLA, and prominent intellectuals and  priests of the Idu Mishmi community.

The Governor, who himself is a strong protagonist of preserving the age old tradition and cultural heritage feels that every society must be dynamic, progressive and forward looking. The customs which are not progressive need to be revisited for the benefit of the community.

He emphasised that a change for the greater good of the greater number must be our motto and concerted effort from all must be made to achieve it. He wanted every member of the society to work together and involve all social motivators specially the ‘Igu’ (Priest) to find  and promulgate remedial solutions for these social handicaps.

He was pained with the trend of juvenile suicide tendencies. He suggested to them to educate and create awareness amongst the young generation to bring a social change for the betterment of the community as a whole.

People should live in the present and improve upon the gone by days and shape a better future. He advised the visiting Idu Mishimi  people to go about this mission in a systematic manner. They should target the youth in the schools and colleges, who in their impressionable age will be the catalyst for the movement.

The members attending the meeting, while agreeing with Governor, informed that the points raised are very genuine. They were also very much concerned about these issues.  They assured the Governor that they will take up the issue  with Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS),    the apex body of the Idu community so that it can have a mass appeal.


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