Arunachal Flood: 700 people of 5 villages affected in Lohit

52 persons Were rescued and evacuated from these villages.

TEZU-  700 people of 5 villages affected in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh.  52 persons Were rescued and evacuated from these five villages, informed district administration.

It is reported that During Last 24 hours District (HQ) Tezu rainfall is around 343.60 MM. The water level of Lohit river and its tributarics are flowing below Danger level.


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About 700 population of Five villages in three circles namely Tezu, Sunpurn and wakro has been effected. Four  numbers of house have been damaged.  52 (18 person from 27″ Mile Tezu circle ncar Lasapani- Lohit river confluence & 34 persons Were rescued and evacuated from Wekhietliang village, Wakro Circle from Kamlang and Lohit riverside).

Infrastructure damaged have been reported from various locations viz.

  1. Headwork and Intake structure of WTP Shivajinagar damaged and water supply disrupted in Tezu Township arca and its adjoining villages.
  1. 33 KV Tezu-Sunpura Line, Tez Duraliang Line and Tafragam-Durranallah feeder line washed out due to surging of Lohit River and its tributaries.

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  1. Wire caging boulder Deflector structure partially damaged due to heavy discharge of flood water.
  1. Tafragam-VKV PWD road damage by the flood water.
  1. Penstock pipeline of Tafragam Hydel Station across Durranallah washed out due to turbulent flood water.
  1. FP work at Tezunalla executed by NHIDCL severely damged and washout by flood water of Tezu nalla and Lohit River at its confluence point at Tezukhola area.

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Also, Landslides at multiple locations at Tohangam-Salangam-Tidding Road and Tezu Togangam-Arrowa Road (NH-13).  Damage to Private Fish ponds and Govt Fish Farm Tezu have also been reported.

It has also been reported that Road communication from Tidding to Tezu partially cleared to rescue the stranded persons at Tidding- Tohangam- Tezu road. Restoration work going on war footing by NHIDCL and BRO with the help of District Administration.


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