Arunachal: Education is the foundation of a progressive society- DC Papum Pare

The Papum Pare Literacy Mission Authority decided to initiate trainings at the block levels for the Volunteer Teachers........

YUPIA-  While addressing the Papum Pare Literacy Mission Authority meeting, the Deputy Commissioner Cheechung Chukhu said that,” Education is the foundation of a progressive society and the need to improve the literacy rates for economic and social development is a prerogative.

Chukhu further said that ” the New India Literacy Programme (NILP), in alignment with the recommendations of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will go a long way in addressing the issue of adult illiteracy in the state. It is a significant step towards empowering non-literates and enabling them to become self-sufficient. “

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Urging the educated youths of the district to volunteer as teachers for the program the DC added that,” Since the scheme is to be implemented through volunteerism, there won’t be any honorarium or salary. But the fact that “you are doing an act of social service and giving back to your society” will gratify your conscience immensely.”

He further directed DDSE Shri T. T. Tara to convene a review meeting within 15 days with the list of volunteer teachers and the centres identified for holding the classes and a concrete report on the syllabus to be taught.

The Papum Pare Literacy Mission Authority decided to initiate trainings at the block levels for the Volunteer Teachers (VTs) with the assistance of the DIET and SCERT and press for clarity on the syllabus for the curriculum as per the five frameworks of New India literacy Programme (NILP); with a special mention on the critical life skills, basic and vocational education syllabus with the higher authorities.

The decision was taken during this coordination meeting of the District Literacy Mission Authority (DLMA) held in the DC conference hall, Yupia on Tuesday.

ZPC, Papum Pare Smt. Nabam Yakum, who is also the Vice Chairman of the DLMA suggested for “preparing a roster of the volunteer teachers which will include govt. teachers, anganwadi workers, PRI members, local educated youths, officers ,NSS, NYKs etc  for conducting the classes systematically without breaks in the routine.”

 C.K.Yab,APO (Adult Education) presented a power point on the NILP and the activities carried out in the district.

He informed that the”New India Literacy Programme (NILP)” is a centrally sponsored scheme on Education for All (erstwhile known as Adult Education), which has been approved by the Government of India with a financial outlay of Rs.1037.90 crore for implementation during FYs 2022-23 to 2026-27, in alignment with the recommendations of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The scheme is targeted at all non-literates of age 15 years and above.”

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He further informed that “In Papum Pare 3951 learners have been identified to be benefitted from this program. The classes will be held at the 168 centres identified and 168 volunteer teachers will be roped in for teaching in these centres.”

He also informed that,”Inspite of no funds being allocated during the financial year 2022-23 and till the conduct of this meeting, the district has conducted classes at 39 centres and exams were conducted for 296 learners in the month of March, 2023. “

DDSE T.T Tara while sharing his experience of the NILP classes said that “The women constitute 90 % of the learners. Men, especially the goan buras have to be encouraged and coaxed to attend the classes as well.”

Among others DD, ICDS Smt. Aroty Tayeng, Principal DIET Smt. Y.T  Riba and representatives of the Block Literacy Mission Committee(BLMC)attended the meeting.


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