Arunachal: DFO with RO visits illegal timber sites at Tarotamak river ghat

PASIGHAT –  ( By Maksam Tayeng )-  After the recent report of illegal timber operation at Tarotamak river ghat areas under Namsing circle of Mebo Sub-Division by All Mebo Circle Students’ Union (AMCSU) and All Paglam Circle Students’ Union (APCSU) in which 3 rafts of timber logs were seized, Divisional Forest Officer, Pasighat Forest Division accompanied by Range Officer Mebo RF today visited the illegal timber operation sites at Tarotamak river ghat and OK ghat areas.

Tashi Mize, DFO, Pasighat Forest Division accompanied by Oson Tayeng, RFO, Mebo Range with field staff inspected and combed the area today where illegal timber operations were reported by the team AMCSU and APCSU on Friday last.


Arunachal: AMCSU, APCSU intercepted illegal timber logs from Tarotamak river ghat

During last Friday, the student bodies had detected 3 rafts of timber log in which a total of 140 round timbers were tied together for transporting it to Assam via the Siang river. But student unions reported to the forest department and the timber logs were destroyed by chopping the logs by doas in the absence of lifting of logs facilities like trucks, elephants etc.

“Today visited and combed the Tarotamak and OK ghat areas where rampant illegal timber rafting/operations were reported. I personally went to the sites and directed the field staff to act strongly and toughly against the timber mafias/operators.

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The situation of illegal timber in those areas has been brought under control and the culprits and miscreants doing the illegalities will be brought to justice”, informed Tashi Mize this evening in a statement.

Since the illegal timber operation sites falls closed to the Dibang Forest Division and most of the timber logs in the Tarotamak river areas are sourced from there, a joint combing operations of both staffs of Pasighat and Dibang Forest Division will be conducted on regular basis soon, added Mize who has also sent out a strong message across that areas stating stringent action will be taken against the illegal timber operators.

Meanwhile, at Pasighat RF also, its Range Forest Officer (i/c), Jumgo Geyi has also started launching intensive patrolling duties in the Pasighat RF areas like Lokki, Partung, Mora-lali, Kemi etc. where illegal timber operation and hunting incidents were reported by Arunachal Students’ Association team led by its President, Lungkang Ering. Geyi has also opined hope of curbing out the nuisance and illegal practice of timber operation and hunting in the Reserve Forest areas soon.


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