Arunachal: BJP demand re-poll at Sangram Polling Station 

BJP demand re poll at 18/4 Sangram polling station, appeal for peace and tranquility in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi district.



Alleging large scale electoral malpractice at 18/4-Sangram Polling station under Kra-Daadi District  by rival INC candidate supporters, BJP, Executive Vice President, Tame Phassang on Thursday  called for conducting another re-poll at the particular polling station under tight security.

Addressing a Press conference here today, Phassang claimed that INC supporters allegedly captured the Sangram Polling booth wherein several genuine voters not allowed to reach the polling booth in a desperate attempt to win the election.

“Voting, it’s a common man right and nobody can deny it” reiterated Phassang.

“But at Sangram,  no locals even election agent were barred from entering into Polling booth by opposition contesting candidate supporters, ” Phassang alleged while terming the incident as ” very unfortunate”.

Asserting that BJP party believes in Free and fair election, Phassang further quashed the opposition party claims that party pouring lots of money to manipulate elections in the state.

He however refereeing to large scale violence in different parts of state specially tense situation in  Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi district by which the re-poll was  not materialised with rest polling station of state on April 20 and the ECI have to conduct the re polling in 18 polling station of both district.

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He said two allege accused have been arrested in connection with the murder of Late Bengia Tamang, GB as the police and investigating agency is taking care and appeal all party leaders and candidates not to support any violence activities which would destroy the peace and tranquility and communal harmony among the citizens.

Balo Rajo, BJP contesting candidate of 18 Palin assembly constituency, has vehemently refuted the allegation on him of not allowing  INC polling agent to enter into the Raibalo polling booth.

Rubbishing the claims, Balo clarified that concerned Polling officers and presiding officer are witnesses that day If he committed any electoral malpractice.

Instead, Raja claimed that there was no polling agent of INC came to the polling booth thereby question of not allowing their agent to enter polling station does not arise.

Raja also affirmed that he would not try to win the election using “unfair or corrupt means”, and claimed he has followed  ECI rules scrupulously.


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