Arunachal: APYC launches National Register of Unemployed


Joining the Indian Youth Congress in the nationwide launch of a campaign to highlight the growing unemployment in India by demanding a ‘National Register of Unemployed’ (NRU), the Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) announced its launch in the state today at the press club.


Alleging that there is a growing problem of unemployment in India, APYC spokesperson Taba Serbang stated, “The demand for NRU is in response to the deplorable state of unemployment which has reached its highest peak in 45 years.

The BJP’s narrative on National Population Register and National Register of Citizens is doing little for the public. With NRU we strive to create awareness of the impeding problem”.

“The NRU will give a voice to the unemployed youths. One can support the campaign by giving a missed call to the toll free number”, Serbang added.

Addressing reporters at the press club, APYC chief Bijoy Nalo informed that “According to data recorded by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) unemployment rate rose to 8.48 percent in October last year. Demonetization by the BJP govt has resulted in massive drop in the informal economy due to small businesses going defunct. 35 million people have been recorded so far by CMIE. Various other sectors like railway and automobiles have been affected as well”.

Nalo however failed to verify on the official validity of the data collected. Questions on the steps to be taken after the collection of the unemployed rate data could also not be specified upon.

Other problems mentioned were rise in suicide rate of unemployed youths, lack of education and training, decrease in the allotment of seats through the UPSC exams, withholding competitive exam results, lack of vacancy in govt jobs and retrenching the cost of the soldiers in the Indian Army.


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