Arunachal: AITF appeal governor’s intervention on TAH issue


The Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) today appealed to the governor for his intervention into the ongoing imbroglio over the Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH).


The forum in a representation to the governor today stated that the indigenous people have been deprived of good quality roads due to the manipulation and corruption involved in the process of assessment and disbursement of the compensation.

Drawing the attention of the governor towards the TAH scandal in Potin to Joram Top stretch and Joram to Koloriang stretch, the AITF stated that the TAH Deprived Forum had submitted the list of 43 false compensation beneficiaries having no actual structure and assets within the RoW amounting to more than Rs 29 crores in Potin to Joram Top only.

The forum has demanded the governor to take up their demand for immediate construction of TAH road from Potin to Pangin completing all procedural formalities on a war footing, immediate dispensation of justice to the deprived and wronged compensation beneficiaries, and immediate institution of a CBI inquiry under the supervision of a sitting High Court judge.

Later, addressing a press conference, the forum’s president Bengia Tolum stated that they are taking up the matter because AITF cannot be a silent spectator on the matter which is concerning the indigenous population of the state.

He stated that the state government should come forward and furnish the details of actual amount of the compensation which was sanction by the central government and the interest on the sanctioned amount generated while it was parked in government account for several months. Tolum also demanded the state government to furnish the details of the TAH across the state, its status, and deadlines.

Regarding the TAH scandal in Potin to Joram Top stretch and the stretch from Joram to Koloriang, Tolum  stated that the state government should immediately initiate arrest of all officers and individuals involved in it.

Stating that the arrest of the three individual against the Joram to Koloriang stretch was mere an eye wash. He demanded the state government to also arrest all the site engineers and officials who submitted the list of beneficiaries to the higher authorities. The AITF president alleged  that without “political blessing”, the scandal could not have taken place.


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