Arunachal: AAPSU ultimatum to offspring of  non-APST father and APST mother 

AAPSU served 30 days ultimatum to surrender ST certificate by offspring of APST mother married with non APST.



The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) on Tuesday has served a 30-days ultimatum to the offspring of non-APST father and APST mother who are availing an APST status and other benefits to surrender within 30 days from today. Further, the AAPSU has warned that failing to do so will invite publication of names list in the public domain.

Addressing a press conference here today at Arunachal Press Club, AAPSU president, Hawa Bagang informed that the AAPSU has a list of more than 80 persons of non-APST father and APST mother, who are availing the APST status and other benefits..

He informed that the decision to take up the issue and to serve the ultimatum was adopted during the last Central Executive meeting held on October 20.

Divulging some of the points of the meeting, Bagang stated that the AAPSU will appraise the State Government to take up the Offspring issue in the next Legislative Assembly. Further, he said that the AAPSU will pursue the State machineries and District Administrations to have authority on government officers violating the norms. He added that any officers violating the norms in granting APST status to the offspring of non-APST father and APST mother without proper verification will be held responsible.

Requesting the State government to take up the issue, Bagang said that they will launch a democratic movement if the issue is not addressed by the government on time.

Furthermore, stating that the AAPSU will carry out awareness about the issue, the AAPSU appealed to all the stakeholders to co-operate and support in the endeavour in the interest of all and to safeguard the rights and cultures.

Bagang also restated that the initiative is for the interest of the society and appealed to all those who are availing the APST status to come forward and surrender willfully. Further, he said that the issue should not affect any services and business and added that only the status should be removed.

On the sideline, the AAPSU also asked the State government to speed up the Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH).

Meanwhile, the AAPSU also said that the ILP Checking will be launched and will be intensified to keep the population flow in check.

Bagang added that they will support any student unions and organizations whoever carries out ILP checking.

He also informed that the CM Pema Khandu has assured the AAPSU of adopting the system of Bhutan of availing pass top enter the state.

 The AAPSU also requested the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to designate the work of dealing with refugee issues to the Directorate of Borders Affairs.




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