Arunachal: A Pakhwada on Mahatma Gandhi ended at RGU

ITANAGAR-  Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) celebrated the valedictory function, marking the end of ‘A Pakhwada on Mahatma Gandhi’  and titled “Har Dil Gandhi, Har Din Gandhi” here in the mini auditorium. The fortnight long celebrations ended with a musical tribute and prize distribution for all the competitions held during the Pakhwada.


Vice Chancellor Prof. Saket Kushwaha and the first lady of RGU Dr. Vaishali Kushwaha lit up the ceremonial lamp and offered the prayers to the father of the nation.

The programme witnessed students from different departments presenting an act of spinning the charkha, which was Gandhiji’s loved instrument symbolising respect for manual labour and steadfast dedication to the purpose. In the process, beautiful classical dance steps were incorporated highlighting the words of Gandhiji. The department of fine arts and music brought out a dance which was based on a video of Mahatma Gandhi with his real voice, where he was giving a speech.

A skit was performed by the department of Social Work highlighting the message against domestic violence and class discrimination that Mahatma Gandhi  always advocated. Another act on Gandhi’s’ clean India vision, ‘Swachh Bharat’ was also showcased in the skit.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Saket Kushwaha in his speech described Mahatma Gandhi as the master key for solving all our problems and providing solutions. He also talked about the reason behind Gandhi Ji always seen with only a dhoti and a chaadar. Gandhi believed in the necessity and always used what was necessary and did not look for luxury. Prof Kushwaha pointed out that the society will grow when we balance between those who have everything and those who do not have. Economic equity is the need of the hour, he added. He encouraged the students to always keep the environment and surroundings clean not for the sake of any validation or achievement but for the country and ourselves. In conclusion, Prof. Saket Kushwaha called upon all to cultivate the culture of work and bring the required changes starting with us.

Prizes were distributed to winners in all the competitions held during the Pakhwada.

Professor SN Singh, the chairman of the celebrating committee and co-ordinator of the International Centre for Gandhian and Peace Studies, gave the vote of thanks. He said that the Pakhwada that was supposed to have finished within 15 days went on for more than a month and that he described, “maybe because Gandhi Ji wanted to stay longer with us.” Through the programme, he hoped, the ideas of Gandhiji would be kept alive and prevented from getting fossilized. He said, Gandhiji is still alive in all of us, and his message and method should reach to larger audience. He thanked each co-ordinator and students who made the program a success.

The programme was attended by huge numbers of students, faculty members and other officials of the university.


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