Arunachal: Heavy rain, landslide and flash flood create havoc across the state


Heavy rain, landslide and flash flood have created havoc across the state with still several person missing while report of loss of life and property have reported from various parts of state.

A high level disaster Management officer inform that in West Kameg district Kaspi cloudburst incident one missing person not yet traced, on the other hand  the search operation of Pakke Kessang road accident were carried out , but two person are  still missing.

In Tawang district landslide in a girls hostel at Namtsering village under Lungla subdivision leads to death of 2 girls and 3 others received injuries.

In East Siang district Water level tributaries of Siang River is increasing. However Siang river still below the danger level at 152.7m (DL = 153.96m)

Water supply of Mebo sub division damaged. Three auto riskshaw have been damaged due to falling of a tree in Mirmir Tinali, Pasighat. One injured has been admitted to BPTH, Pasighat

In ShiYomi district road from Tato to Monigaon is blocked as heavy rain washed away road formation.

In Siang district road from Renging to Routung was blocked since last night due to landslide.

In Lower Subansiri district 1 kutcha house and 1 Govt quarter of Horticulture Department partially damaged due to landslide on 9.7.2019.

In Lohit district water level of Lohit River on rising trend.20 meter  of embankment has been damaged leading to seepage of water. Complete washout of a portion of the embankment may cause flood situation in downstream area.

state government have issue alert and chief minister on Wednesday have issue necessary direction to all district administration to carry out necessary preparation and relief and rescue operation wherever it is necessary.

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