Oriah Festival: Cultural Night in Honor of Radio Artist of Pongchau

LONGDING-  As part of the Oriah celebration, the Oriah Committee, Pongchau hosted a Mega cultural night event on February 16, 2022 at Pongchau to honor the legendary radio artist of Pongchau circle for their valuable contribution in the field of music.


It is not possible for anyone to forget the time when radio was considered the only and the most convenient means of entertainment in our region, especially in remote villages. Amidst the hard work and fatigue in the field, the reverberation of songs on the radio especially in our own dialect was the best means of entertainment and refreshment. People used to tune in to the local news and listen to the songs of the local artists, forgetting their worries and troubles, at least for a while.

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The relationship between the radio artists and the listeners is very strange and lovely. Even though they have never seen, the radio artist and his audience share a strong bond of love.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by multiple means of entertainment and mediums to showcase our talent. Maybe that is the reason why we have almost forgotten the radio artists who have entertained and inspired us for all these years.

Thus, in order to honor and appreciate their contribution and to remind them that people have not forgotten them, The Oriah Committee, Pongchau came up with this unique way of celebration.

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The cultural night was attended by Minister Honchun Ngandam, RWD, Science & Technology, AP as the chief guest, who is himself a popular Wancho singer and a radio artist. He was accompanied by Special Guest for the night Dr. Manlong Ranlongham, DAEO, Longding, a popular Wancho singer, Nowbo Dokkam (Radio artist), Longhee Wangsa (Radio artist), Nowki Ngandam (Radio artist) with other dignitaries. A huge crowd applauded and welcomed the Chief Guest and the radio artist.

It was a very colorful program filled with traditional dances and songs. The presence of Hon’ble Minister Shri. Honchun Ngandam in the program encouraged the artists of the night and a huge gathering. He encouraged the youth and highlighted the importance of art and music in our daily lives and requested everyone to focus on preserving and protecting our rich culture and with his melodious song, he surprised the large crowd. One of the most mesmerizing moments was when the radio artist performed their old songs.

The organizing committee honored and presented all radio artists of Pongchau Circle with a memento as a token of their love and appreciation.

The night long event concluded with vote of thanks from Cultural Secretary, Longsah Wangsa.


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