Kumar Waii appreciates capital police in cracking the crime



The Home Minister Kumar Waii in a press conference on Monday appreciated  the capital police in cracking the crime in capital city of Itanagar.  Press Conference held at his chamber  was accompanied by Itanagar SP, A Koan and SDPO, Techi Henyir.

Briefing the media Waii informed that  ” to minimise the drunk and drive during day and night which leads to crime and accident within the capital complex, the home department of the state have introduced a breathe analyzer device” .

Waii informed that so far 10 pieces of breathing analyzer device has been handed over to the department of police through which the person who drunk and drive can be detect.

Stating that in a past few months capital has witness numerous activities of crime among them some case is yet to be solve, Waii said, “State government has already send a proposal to the government of India to funding for ‘City Surveillance’ which will cost around Rs. 36 crore,” adding that due to absent of city surveillance system lots of hit & run and cases of murder is remain unsolved.

Waii said that intensive traffic checking have been ordered and it is being done on daily basis in different parts of capital complex, and so far more than 900 cases of vehicle without number plated have been fined, the capital police will  act swiftly and warned the vehicle owners to get their vehicle owners to get registered and keep their documents in their vehicle to show during the checking and all these are for the safety and security of citizens waii added.

He further appeal the citizens to cooperate the police in maintaining law and order for safety and security of citizens of capital complex and state as a whole.


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