Itanagar: Tuki gives a clarion call for corruption free Arunachal

launching of a pamphlet for ‘corruption free Arunachal’ Nabam Tuki gave a clarion call to the people to come forward and joins hand to make Arunachal Corruption free 


Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association  (APCA) Patron and former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki today gave a clarion call to all stakeholders of state to come forward and joins hand to fight corruption and change the face of society from corruption.


Tuki who is also MLA from congress party from 15-Sagalee Assembly Constituency of Papum Pare district attending the launching programme of pamphlet (an appeal) for ‘ corruption free Arunachal’ organised by Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association at conference hall of Don Bosco Youth Centre here at Vivek Vihar today.

Tuki said that time have come and the people of state respective of cast, creed and religion have to come forward as corruption which is a disease and spreading like an epidemic all around and is affecting and hampering all round development of area, district and state in general.

Arunachal the land of rising sun is losing its grandeur and beauty for many reason and the important reason is the corruption which need to be routed out from our tribal society. He said that the abuse of the public office or influence through money culture for private gain have been damaging the very fabric of development of society and state.

We need to start a beginning from within us and first we need training among all the Christian leaders from us so that we may went along the churches across the state and spread the message written in the pamphlet prepared from the writing from bible, and other religion like Hindu, Buddhist so that all section of society join together for a crusade against the corruption menace and said ‘charity begins at home’.

Launching of pamphlet is an imitative and a humble beginning. He said whatever corruption have its impact on the development but the first things we should start not giving and taking bribe for our self and vested interest and this step would be a landmark in curbing corruption.

Referring money culture in election, Tuki said it is a bad precedence and appeal one and all not to encourage such money culture during election and termed it   ‘ vote ke leye bribe lena aur den pap hai’ and said that due to non fulfilment of desire and expectation he is alone. Tuki added.

He emphasis education for all and said that education is a tool and all intelligent and intellectual have to build a new Arunachal as future of state and country lies in the head of youths and appeal all youths to come and join hands in fight against corruption.

APCA advisor and Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President Takam Sanjoy in his address said corruption is spreading like and epidemic which is the root cause of hurdles of development.

Referring the recent 238 Crore Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) scam in state said that if the state government have investigated thoroughly more than 300-400 people might have been arrested. The people living along both side of the stretch of road are the worst sufferer and the crores of money have been misused and scammed through corrupt practice.

Corruption in election is also one reason which affect the development and emphasis that it need to be stopped, asserting the young brigade to rule the state he said that youth and women candidate will be given preference   for party ticket in congress party for next election in state and urge upon all to discourage money culture and bring a good leader who can work for development of area and society.

He also refer the change of party by the leaders in state also encourage corruption. Appealing all section of society to join the movement to fight against corruption, Sanjoy said it is a movement to make Arunachal corruption free and all have to come forward.

APCA President Taw Tebin, Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) General Secretary Toko Teki, APCA General Secretary Pekhi Nabam, Pentecostal Church leader Taw Papu, Don Bosco College, Jully Director Father C C Jose and other also address on the occasion and make awareness to fight corruption and spoke on sprat of awareness on corruption in various parts of state by various means.

Church leaders, senior citizens, intellectuals and students from various walk of life attended the awareness programme.

Later they also joined prayer to fight against corruption and not to support corruption which is affecting the society.


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