Arunachal : Complete ISTT or return my land- Techi Joseph 

The project of Inter-state Truck Terminal (ISTT) is lying abandoned for more than 6 years, now land donor Techi Joseph is asking for return of his land 


By Manoj Singh


Many innovative project of state are lying incomplete or abandoned for years together. One of such project is Inter-state Truck Terminal (ISTT) is lying abandoned for more than 6 years, the project is lying in dilapidated  condition which need immediate attention of the state government for its completion and functional for public use.

Land donor of Inter-state Truck Terminal  (ISTT) Techi Joshep here today appeal the state government to immediately construct and complete the terminal for the greater interest of the general public at the earliest or he shall go for asking for return of the land.

Land donor Techi Josep today said that it was year 2009 and 10 when there was a requirement of sufficient space for construction of Inter-state Bus Terminal and Inter-state Truck Terminal in line of other state of the country.

It was necessary as there should not ISBT/ISTT in the capital and it should be constructed at a considerable distance from the capital complex keeping in mind the traffic flow of locals and commuters of the capital and I being the only land donor for the purpose donated the land free of cost keeping in mind the probable traffic jam and traffic cognisant in future. I being a well wisher and having  concerned citizen donated the land measuring 32,175,83 sqmtrs (3,2175 hacter) and additional area for double lane approach road to ISTT. Since then the structure is under construction and the very purpose of the construction is defeated until it is completed.

He said that the state government is keen to complete the project but still pending for last more than 5 years.

Urban Development Director Cum chief engineer Taba Tedir when contacted said that the work was stopped due to several issue but the government this year have determine to complete and for which fund have been earmarked which was reflected in the budget speech of Finance Minister Chowna Mein in the assembly.

He however hope that if fund is released at the earliest ISTT would be completed latest by December 2018 and would be functional thereof. We are working on it and trying for an immediate solution for the project to be completed soon. Tedir added.

He also appeal the denizens of twin capitally complex to protect and preserve the public asset for durability and long lasting.

Deputy Director (UD) Tayer Tache and his team of officers who made inspection to the infrastructure today.

He said that the project which was approved in 2009 under Jawahar Nehru urban renewal mission (JNNUrM) and almost competed in 2012. The 10 % share from government of India was not received timely and even today it was not received but state government have planned to complete this year for public utility. The estimated cost of 6.35 crore was required but the 10 % which was not received delayed its completion and remain abandoned.


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