Itanagar: Awareness Talks on Stress & Life Style Management held

Basic Life Support Training Jointly Organized by Arunachal Pradesh Police & Apollo Hospitals on Saturday.



The Capital Police and  & Apollo Hospital  organized one day  Awareness Talks on Stress & Life Style Management & Basic Life Support (BLS) training at SP office on Saturday. Experts from Apollo Hospitals, Kolkota & Guwahati delivered the awareness talks on stress & life style management & imparted BLS training to 80 police officers, men, & 20 other invitees on the occasion of Arunachal Pradesh Police Raising Month.

All SDPOs & OCs PS, OCs SB, OCs Traffic, OC WT, of Capital to attended with their officers & men suffering from stress & life style problems like heart problems, pressure, sugar, etc.

Capital SP Tumme Amo also administered 10 points pledge to obey traffic rules,  prevent crimes, maintain peace, help fellow beings, respect law, etc to all those present.

  About 80 seats were reserved for police and remaining 20 for friends from media and a few invitees. The certificates of participation were issued to all.

This was important as police officers and men need to remain healthy so that they can give their best services to the public and they need to remain stress free so that they are always polite while connecting with the public.


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