Itanagar: Administration clean IG Park


The district Administration today  cleaned the  IG Park in view of public complain and media coverage.


Taking cognisance of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhyan’ and dirty IG Park after completion of the festival of Arunachal from February 20 to 23. The Park which was decorated for welcoming the PM Modi before February 15 and after which the festival of Arunachal was held and completed.

Due to food stalls installed during the festival leaving behind garbage through which there was lots of complaint by the local people nuisance created after and the locality were facing since then but the administration keep deaf ear on the issue.

Today taking cognisance of the issue district administration deployed several workers who cleaned the IG Park and burned the dry garbage.

DC Capital Prince Dhawan said that disposing the garbage is everybody responsibility if one need to keep their surrounding neat and clean and want to stay in hygiene.

He however appeal the general public not to litter here and there and try to maintain our city a clean Itanagar Capital city. Dhawan added.


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