Itanagar: 4 Govt Officials arrested in Arunachal on Land Scam

ITANAGAR- ( By Pradip Kumar )  Four state government officials, have been arrested by special investigation cell (vigilance) in connection with a land scam, according to SIC(V) SP Dr Hemant Tiwari. The arrested officials are former Itanagar Capital Complex (ICC) DLRSO Lamin Lonchung); then SKICCC Dai Tamo; ICC mandal Ravi Tachang and ICC DA Biman Phukan,

While Lonchung, present Lepa Rada DLRSO, had issued the LPC by over lapping the earlier one, the note-sheet on which the approval has been obtained from DC is not at all bearing any dates etc; Tamo had not followed the due procedure and prepared the site map without conducting filed visit and the LPC was approved initially. on his recommendation; Tachang had verified the land without visiting the plot as the present plot of land falls under jurisdiction of another SK and Phukan,is suspected to have actively collaborated with the co-accused in the entire process.


These arrests were made based on a complaint received from one Tai Robin of Sekey Colony here on 31.01.20 that Tai Chachung has been issued with a LPC by overlapping his same plot of land at Chimpu Hollongi Road and alleged that double allotment was done by ICC DLRSO officials by taking bribe.

During probe, it was found that the area of LPC possessed by Robin is 4.125 sqmtr and area possessed by Chachung is 24.504 sqmtr, which is of the same plot. Robin was issued LPC on 01.08.16 while Chachung was issued LPC on 14.07.19.

Chachung was issued LPC for the same plot and most of the area is under deep gorge of around 50 metre depth and mandal Tachang had taken the dimension using Google earth and the procedure followed by him seems to be faulty as during physical verification it was found that 24.504 sqmtr area is not at all possible for said plot of land.

During verification, then DLRSO Takam Titus, whose signature appeared in the LPC, note sheets & sketch map of Robin had said that his signature is forged by someone, which is under investigation.  Moreover, several discrepancies were observed in file noting of both LPCs in question which are under detail investigation now, Dr Tiwari added.


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