Arunachal: World Wildlife Conservation Day Celebrated at Kamlang Tiger Reserve

WAKRO-  The World Wildlife Conservation Day, 2022 was celebrated at Kamlang Tiger Reserve & WLS division, Wakro on 4th of December with zeal and enthusiasm. The “Green Cadets” – nominated students of local schools under Green Cadet initiative of Kamlang TR, participated in the event along with field biologist, botanist and staff of the WLS division.

The event’s major goal was to get the young minds interested in wildlife conservation and spread the message of conservation in the budding young generation.


During the event, Green Cadets participated in activities which included nature trek, butterfly walk, bird watching and tree walk. Aditya Das, field biologist, gave an overview about Kamlang Tiger Reserve, its importance and the value of protecting the wildlife.

Arunachal: World Wildlife Conservation Day Celebrated at Kamlang Tiger Reserve

Rosnita Korah, expert botanist, briefed Green Cadets on the value of floral variety and provided simple identification keys to enable participants quickly identify plant species.

Green cadets noted their observations in their field diary and prepared a checklist of wildlife observed during field visit. They keenly engaged in discussions with wildlife experts and came up with insightful questions during their walk.

During the visit they also sighted Hoolock Gibbon, giant squirrel, cormorant, etc. wildlife species. At the end, a brainstorming session was also held to create a thorough review of the entire journey. This was the first event organised with participation of Green Cadets of Kamlang TR.

More such events will be organised in future in schools, colleges and inside TR to spread out the message of wildlife conservation.


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