Arunachal- Wildlife thriving in D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, welcomes visitors

DFO appeals public not carry out dynamite fishing nearby sanctuary

PASIGHAT ( By- Maksam Tayeng )-  The D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is thriving with rich wildlife which can be seen on entering the sanctuary as wild animals like Buffaloes, Elephants, Hog Deer and Sambar Deer can be spotted commonly without any disturbances from human tress-passing and other illegal activities.


A herd of elephant which also often visits the Borguli wildlife range office makes sightings more interesting and thrilling as the herd has a new member, a small baby elephant who was born in this sanctuary a month ago.

The sanctuary staffers makes the wild animals familiar with the lightings of solar light at night also and now animals are getting familiar and used to the lightings of the new Range Office camp from where the frontline staffs make easy monitoring of the sanctuary. Birds like Hornbill which has disappeared from the Sanctuary possibly due to unabated hunting in the past have also returned to the sanctuary, informed the sanctuary staff.

It is worth recalling here that, earlier in the past when the Range office and controlling camp was located outside the sanctuary it was not possible to keep close and effective control and vigilance of the sanctuary’s core zone areas where unabated hunting incident continued taking place despite of sanctuary officials then had claimed of having controlled the hunting/poaching.

After the shifting of Range office inside the sanctuary in its earmarked earlier Range office site, the controlling of the Borguli Wildlife range has become easier and hunters now can’t easily tress-pass. The strong departmental and police action last year against one of its staff who was having connivance with the hunters and doing hunting despite being a staff, sent a clear and loud message against all the active hunters of the area.

The incumbent Divisional Forest Officer also issued stern warnings to all other suspected hunters having past history of hunting inside the sanctuary helped the wildlife breath a sense of relief. DFO has also issued a radio announcement to stop illegal means of fishing like blasting (dynamite fishing), fishing by electrocution using Inverter/Generator and poisoning in and around the Sanctuary’s river as reports are there that some people (including government servants/ex-policemen/IRBn) are involved in blast fishing at Pillumukh and Partung areas in the vicinity of the sanctuary.

Range Officer, Naning Perme also confirms that, his team destroyed around 50 salt lick and hunting machants/ambushes after present DFO Tasang Taga took over the charge of sanctuary 2-3 years ago and initiated a serious drive to control the hunting activities inside the sanctuary. While one of the sincere official, Orin Perme, Dy. FR, Beat Officer Jeepghat Beat of Anchalghat Range was entrusted to initiate the drive to clean out the hunting salt lick ambushes at Borguli Wildlife Range also and followed strong vigilance which led to regulation of hunting.

While welcoming the visitors in the sanctuary, Tasang Taga, DFO appealed the general public, NGOs, Gaon Burah institution and public leaders to help and cooperate the department to make D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary a favoured wildlife tourist destination a the lines of Kaziranga National Park of Assam.


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