Arunachal: Taki carried out series of review meeting on Agriculture and allied sector


Newly inducted Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture etc Tage Taki, took a review meeting  of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary,  Dairy Development and Fisheries attended by the departmental officers at his office on his fist day in office as Minister.


Power point presentations were made about the activities of different departments undertaken during 2018-19. In the meeting it was advised to take up some innovative schemes like farm fencing, farm connectivity, road connectivity, etc. Besides special emphasis was made on increasing production of millet, wheat maize etc.  In the presentation, it was apprised to the minister about the initiative of the State Government as well as Ministry of Agriculture and farmers’ welfare to invigorate the activities for  steady growth of agriculture and allied sectors so  that the vision of Prime Minister of India  to double farmers’ income by 2022 can be fulfilled.

The minister also took stock of the situation and circumstances for lapse of huge amount of fund both under CSS and State Plan, 2018-19 and emphasised to take up the activities immediately during 2019-20 so as to maintain continuity of developmental activities in farm sector which is the major source of agrarian economy of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Minister also advised the department to ensure timely holding of DPC so as to maintain the hierarchal aspiration of the officers so that  they can contribute their best for  effective implementation of all developmental projects. He also emphasised to revisit the existing system of market linkage in order to create a vibrant agricultural marketing system so that the farmers are able to get their remunerative return of their toil.

Speaking to media  Taki said that the people of Talley valley and 17 Ziro-Hapoli have lots of expectation from him and he will do his best effort for development of his assembly constituency. His major priority in his constituency will be to bring several schemes and project for sustainable developed to its people.

As a members of team Arunachal, ‘I will try my best effort to deliver the goods to the people of my constituency,” road sector water and light, tourism and agriculture sector will also get priority in my agenda for five year plan for my constituency apart of normal works as local MLA. Taki added.


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