Arunachal: Snake bite case should be brought to hospital, not to any healer: DMO

Pasighat: ( By – Maksam Tayeng ) – While taking reference of the snake bite case of Seram village under Mebo Sub-Division where a man died due to snake bite (initially believed to be black Cobra but expert says it a ‘Krait’) on Friday night, Dr. Kaling Dai, District Medical Officer of East Siang District said that, such case of snake bite should be brought to medicals immediately where anti-venom medicines are available.

Dr. Dai said that, the case of Seram could be saved by giving him proper anti-venom medicines on time. “The man should have been brought to Community Health Centre, Mebo or Bakin Pertin General Hospital, Pasighat where anti-venom medicines are available. I have checked the list and the medicine is also available at CHC Mebo. Any snake bite case should be brought to hospital instead of going to any healer or venom removing expert claimers, because no healer can remove and do treatment of venom except the anti-venom medicines available in the hospitals”, added Dr. Dai.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dai also made a mention that, snake bites are of two types, one with venom to harm or kill and other without venom as defense. In the case of without venom the bite gets healed naturally and people taking such case of snake bite to the healer and blindly believes that it was healed by them. But the actual venom injected snake bite can only be treated or cured only by anti-venom medicines, added Dr. Dai while appealing people to stay alert and take the help of hospitals in case of such snake bite without wasting much time, as delay may cause the lives.

While Millo Tasser, IFS, as Dy. Conservator of Forest (BR & ET) at the office of Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF), Itanagar said that, medical aid with ventilation is the only help for snake bite. “I haven’t heard of any venom remover, imagine a situation of a drop of ink immersed in a glass of water, venom injected in human body is just the same, difficult to remove”, added Tasser.

Stories of venom removal are mere coincidences or are cases of non venomous bite or venomous bite with no venom injected. Snakes can voluntarily release/not release venoms because it is very precious for them to kill prey animals for food and not to bite humans, shared, Tasser, the Indian Forest Service officer.


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