Arunachal: Six BSc Horticulture students of CHF, Pasighat left for one month foreign training in Thailand

PASIGHAT-   Six BSc Horticulture students of College of Horticulture and Forestry (CHF), Central Agriculture University have been selected for one month foreign training under IDP-NAHEP project. They have left to research and product development, department of research and conservation, queen sirikit botanic garden, the botanical garden organization, chiang mai Thailand.

The selected students namely Ms Unti Miiri Ezing, Ms Anwesa Bhusan, Ms Dabianglang Dohtdong, Ms RakilLalruatpuii, Ms Lalhmangaihzuali Chawngthu and  Ms Neeruj Naorem will be undergoing training on enhancing entrepreneurial competence in students to address the emerging challenges in agricultural and allied sectors”  under the guidance of Dr Ratchuporn (Spanuchat) SUKSATHAN researcher, Thailand.


Associate Nodal officer Dr P.Raja  said that this the great opportunities for the students to get exposure to the foreign countries and learn the indigenous herbal tea making. They will be exposed to hands on training on cultivation tea, herbal tea processing, visit to herbal tea plantation and factory.

They can use the learned skills and start the entrepreneurship for self employment. Dean Dr B.N.Hazarika said that this is the first time our BSc horti students are going aboard to expose the indigenous herbal tea making further it will give lot of opportunities and scope for the entrepreneurship development in North east India.

This is purely funded by National agriculture higher education project ICAR- world bank. Dr B.N.Hazarika has thanked Director of Instruction Dr S. Basantha singh for his guidance and approval.


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