Arunachal: Schools are targeted area for MR Vaccine


The major targeted area for MR vaccine for Measles Rubella are Schools children of aged upto 15 years, said officials engaged in vaccination programme in the state.

The MR vaccine which have been launched on Feb 1 is at the peak and progress and all the district administration, Health Department, National Health Mission officials, doctors, paramedic , attendants,  as well NGO and other have been engaged for its successful completion and it is expected that a targeted number of 5 lakh children across the state would be vaccinated.

Team leader of Gohpur Tinali area Dr. Sorang Tabin, Medical Officer Incharge of Chimpu PHC said that since launching of the vaccination Rubella in state by the Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Feb 1 and is being administered across the state is in progress.

In Itanagar we started from Higher Secondary School, Lower Potung School, Lobi Middle School, Bhatt School, Ganga Higher Secondary School, Arunjyoti, Jollang School ME School, Chimpu ME School, Baithani School, Today the vaccination have been started at VKV Chimpu and KV-II for which 7 teams have been constituted for VKV while 11 teams for KV-II and we are expected to complete the children of aged group upto 15 years.

Dr. Sorang said that the team is consist of one Medical Officers, 4 vaccinators and 3 aramedics, but since today teams are at two places so there are less doctors to see and supervise the process smoothly. However  Dr. Duyu Meena Mudang (Mrs-Planet-2017) was seen encouraging the children who were escorted by their parents, Dr.P.K. Bhattacharjee, Dr. Dai Koyu, Dr. Toyir Ette, Dr. A Jamoh,Dr. Alling Gyati who were supervised by Capital DRCHO Dr. J.Ado at KV-II, Chimpu today.

Dr. Sorang said that today itself we have planned to vaccinated around two thousand children in the area as the vaccination is also continues in all government Medical/Health centre and Hospital of capital, Aganwadi Centres  of state.


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