Arunachal: Road Safety Awareness Campaign held at Tawang

TAWANG- The Tawang District Transport Office in collaboration with Tawang Police and All Monpa Students’ Union organized a one day awareness campaign on National Road Safety at Old Market Tawang. The awareness program was conducted to make the business communities, students and general public aware about the safety rules and also sensitize them about the various sections of the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act.

Chief Guest ZPC Tawang Leki Gombu expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the campaign. Citing that the awareness program should not be just a one day affair, Gombu called for larger public participation in such awareness program and appealed the gathering to disseminate the information of the campaign to their colleagues and friends.


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“Numerous lives are lost in accidents and not only the administration and Police, its moral duty of every citizen to be aware and follow road safety measures. Theses campaigns will be of no use if there is no positive change in road safety measures by the general public.” He also suggested for a public forum whats app group wherein one can upload/ report driving errors and parking in the township area.

Guest of Honour Deputy Commissioner Tawang, Kesang Ngurup Damo highlighted that 426 die each day in road accidents in India, making it 18 deaths per hour. Citizens must adhere to Riders’ discipline while driving and Vehicle Control & speed are two important aspects one has to keep in mind while driving. He also highlighted the increase instances of accident among younger generations and discouraged driving under influence of alcohol and rash driving. He also cited instances of building constructions wherein people have encroached the ‘Shoulder Point’ of the roads causing road hazards.

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He said that Tawang , being a popular tourist destination, the people of Tawang and the business communities of the township need to be responsible in terms of parking and  must be aware of road safety measures so that no hardship is caused to tourists. Applauding the recent feat achieved by Tawang for being in the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Longest Helmet Sentence, he said “For development of tourism, people need to be disciplined and there must be sense of public responsibility. Organized traffic parking in the township plays a big role in the flow of tourists. We have a beautiful town but haphazard parking of vehicles impairs the beauty of the township.”

He advocated for similar Road Safety Awareness Campaign be organized at Circle levels with active participation of GBs, PRI Members, Students and public.

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SP Tawang Bomge Kamduk in his address said that people ignore responsibilities with respect Vehicle documents. He also explained about the recent amendments under Central MV Act wherein the penalties for driving errors were enhanced. He called upon the public to be aware of road safety measure and follow traffic rules.  Bomge further enlightened the gathering about various Section/Provisions of the MV Act.

EAC MV Tawang/District Transport Officer Choiki Dondup while highlighting the road safety measure informed that India accounts for almost 12% of all the accident related deaths in the world. Highlighting the importance of the awareness campaign, he called upon the business communities of the township and the general public to get acquainted with the road safety measures and Central  Motor Vehicle Act.

Road traffic Safety Signs and Important provisions of the central MV Act were illustrated by MV Inspector A L Khushwa & other Officials from the District Transport Office .

Later, Sh. Leki Gombu ZPC Tawang,  Sh. Kesang Ngurup Damo DC Tawang  and  Sh.Tenzin Jambey EAC (I/c DSO Sports) gave away helmets (of Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Longest Hemet Sentence)  to Police Personnel, Bazaar Secretaries, Business Communities, youths and riders.


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