Arunachal: RGU organizes National Seminar on History of Science and Traditional knowledge system in India

ITANAGAR- Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) in association with the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) is organizing “National Seminar on History of Science and Traditional Knowledge system in India” from 10th -11th October, 2022 Faculties, Research Scholars and students from various Institutions and Universities from India. The seminar is aimed to spread glorious history of India in context of Science, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and agriculture.

The seminar was inaugurated in the presence of Hon’ble VC, Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Pro-VC, Prof. Amitava Mitra and Registrar Dr. N. T. Rikam of RGU along with the learned dignitaries from INSA. Prof. Jharna Chakravorty, the organizing secretary, welcomed everyone in the seminar, which was followed by felicitation ceremony. Prof. D. Balasubramanian of INSA emphasized about the need of such seminar. Prof. K. Ramasubramanian discussed about the role of INSA in the scientific community and traditional knowledge system in India. Prof. Amitava Mitra and Dr. N. T. Rikam talked about the brief history of Arunachal Pradesh and role of RGU in education in Northeastern India. Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Hon’ble VC talked about various aspects of traditional knowledge system in India, particularly the north-east India. He also emphasized the role of RGU in spreading awareness of traditional knowledge. He also offered signing an MoU with INSA to undertake collaborative initiatives between INSA and RGU. The session concluded with a vote of thanks from Prof. Sumpam Tangjang, Dean, Faculty of Life Science.


The inaugural session was followed by four technical sessions. Nine invited lectures discussing various aspects of History of Science and Traditional Knowledge system in India were delivered. In the first technical session, Prof. K. Ramasubramanian illustrated about glorious history of India in Mathematics especially calculus. In the second session, Prof. Jharna Chakravorty discussed about important aspects of entomophagy. Prof. Ram Manohar enlightened the audience with the origin and development of Ayurveda in India.  Dr. Rajesh K. Shah talked about benefit of a medicinal plant. In the third session, Dr. Nikhil K. Mahnot discussed about non-thermal technology for food preservation. Prof. P. R. Gajurel gave valuable information about traditional knowledge system in North-East India. Dr. T. Wangpan gave lecture on traditional rice of Arunachal Pradesh and challenges. In the fourth session, Dr. Sampath Ghosh emphasized on the achieving sustainable nutrition security by inclusion of traditional foods. Prof. V. B. Meyer-Rochow discussed about role of Arthropods in food and medicine in the North-East India. There was a poster presentation by scholars and students of RGU. Concluding remark for today’s program was given by Prof. Madhvendra Naarayan, Assistant Executive Director, History of Science.

The seminar was attended by Faculties, Research Scholars and students from various Institutions and Universities from India. The sessions were co-hosted by Dr. Heikham Evelin and Dr. Gunjan K. Saurav. This program will be continued tomorrow with many more lectures to come.


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