Arunachal Pradesh’s First IP Officer Robin Hibu’s Biography launched

Robin Hibu awarded ‘Ati Utkrisht Seva Padak’. Mary Kom and Tara Gandhi said - you are a warrior of needy people

NEW DELHI-   Six-time World Amateur Boxing Champion and Rajya Sabha MP Mary Kom along with Chief Guest Tara Gandhi (Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi) released the biography of Arunachal Pradesh’s first IPS officer Robin Hibu. The highlight of the ceremony was the award of the coveted “North East Samaritan Gold Medal” to the proud winners and the launch of the 8:00 AM Sports Diet Scholarship for 50 budding champions from the North East States.

The first IPS officer from Arunachal Pradesh- Robin Hibu has been honoured with the  ‘Ati Utkrisht Seva Padak’ for his impeccable efforts to serve the people of Northeast and empower them by raising awareness about important subjects. He also helped people in distress by providing them legal assistance and educational facilities. He is now posted as the Special Commissioner of Delhi Police.

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On this occasion, Mary Kom said, “Robin Hibu has been a warrior for the distressed, the afflicted and the needy people over the years. As the first IPS officer of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, he has earned respect not only for himself but also for his home country. He has been the biggest inspiration for the state and the entire nation. All the achievers are really commendable for their contribution towards the welfare of North Eastern brothers and sisters.”

Speaking on the occasion, Robin Hibu said, “It has been an extremely challenging journey so far and I have no hesitation in saying that I never shy away from walking on the roads. I look forward to serving and serving the people of the North East in distress. I pledge to empower them by creating awareness.

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Providing them legal emergency aid as well as health-education facilities. We are spreading awareness among people about the need to ensure their overall well being and protect them from any discrimination. Every member of the society, and every state is an integral part of the country and is truly a part of the mainstream of our country and pluralistic society. The sacrifice of Nido Tania, who was brutally attacked and murdered It should not be wasted.

He further added, “I have always tried to convey the message that the people of the North East add distinctive beauty and vibrancy to the country. As a representative of the people of the North East, I have strived to enrich the North-East Mosaic culture.

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He served as the first IGP of the North Eastern Region in the majestic ambiance of Rashtrapati Bhavan at Raisina Hill to serve as the Joint Commissioner in the Rashtrapati Bhavan Secretariat in New Delhi. It is my sincere wish that the time to come. Let my brothers and sisters from Northeast play a more important role in the country.”

Speaking on the occasion, Robin Hibu said, “I have always emphasized the importance of girls learning fundamental self defense skills. I feel really overwhelmed at the release of my biography. Committed to play the role.”

Robin Hibu was born and brought up in a small village of Arunachal Pradesh called Hong in Ziro Valley.

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Hibu, who belongs to the Apatani community, has achieved major feats to tackle racism faced by the people of northeast in mainland India. He has worked relentlessly to bridge the gap between the people of northeast and mainland India.

Apart from his job, Hibu is also the founder of a NGO called ‘Helping Hands’, which addresses problems faced by students, young women and men from the northeastern states in other parts of the country.

He has won several prestigious awards for his social work which include the Samajik Ratna Puraskar,  the Global Mahatma Gandhi Award and Social Work for Minorities Award in 2018 by Delhi Minorities Commission.


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