Arunachal: Our tradition, culture are our identity- Tagu Tana Tara

DOIMUKH-     Our tradition, our culture are our identity said Tagu Tana Tara, Chairman of Doimukh Nyokum Yullo celebration committee (DNYCC) while inaugurating the Nyokum Yullo celebration here today at Rono ground.


Addressing the locals, Tara said that ” local festival celebrated by the tribal community to motivate and recall our tradition dress we wear and traditional foods we eat, traditional style of living and all other which are associated with our day to day life.   But we are losing our identity slowly as our children are not willing to use our traditional items, traditional dress and not speaking our own dialect and language. They  adopting the foreign culture, which is an alarming trend and course of time we may lose our identify and time  to come we may lose our culture too. Tara said.

We have to rethink,  and guide our younger generation for protection, preservation and promotion of our aged old traditional values and cultural heritage of our tribal society of Arunachal Pradesh.

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We celebrate the Nyokum yullo festival for wellbeing of humanity for all those living on the earth. We also pray for peace, progress , development and communal harmony among all communities. He said.

This year due to advisory issue by Nyishi festival celebration committee we are also celebrating the Nyokum festival in low profile but our enthuse is not low and hope everyone enjoy the festival keeping all value of society for happy living of all human being and all those who have life.

On being allegation of commercializing of festival celebration in social media, Tara said that’s why we have decided to not to establish any stalls however due to advisory we have also avoided cultural night.


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