Arunachal: Only BSNL Tower, not service in Boa Simla

One more example of poor service of BSNL in Arunachal. In Boa Simla of Kamle district where you can see the BSNL tower,not get  connectivity. 

Boa Simla

This is the photograph of BSNL Tower in Boa Simla erected years back.  but not providing cellular service, alleged locals.

The locals alleged that ‘we never received any such service and just looking toward the BSNL tower and having only hope and expectation that how the digital India would be successful in state and the area’.

The locals  resident of Boa Simla township of Kamle district have been demanding for functioning and restoration of BSNL service in the township.

However the other private network providing it’s connectivity anyhow, but not the latest 4G connectivity  and undisrupted internet facility. Locals can enjoy only calls. and some time internet.

BSNL General Manager Dilip Siram when contacted said that the tower is not permanently down and restoration was done several occasion but could not permanently completed.

He said that there have been disruption of cables in several parts may be due to road widening, road repair and maintenance and in some cases due to cable  thief and other reasons.

The stretch near Boa Simla and Tamin area of around 5 Kilometre of optical fibre cable (OFC) have been severely damaged and beyond repairable.

He said that the new OFC cable laying has started from Daporijo to Poti and it have been reached to Puchi Geku and from Boa Simla to Potin PLB pipe have been laid and cable pulling is required. Once it is completed the network in Raga and Daporijo will be completely changed and consumers will get better network.

We are installing Microwave system between Daporijo-Dumporijo stretch while the Daporijo is also functioning through satellite.

However Siram said that he will send a technical team for restoration on temporary  basis within a week.


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