Arunachal-  NES celebrates XIth Nyishi Day




Nyishi community being one of the largest community of state should lead the people of state for all round development of state. The community should act in way that all community should respect and regard and follow for better development of state said Nyishi Elite Society (NES) President Bengia Tolum today.

Tolum while giving away his presidential address on the XIth Nyishi Day celebration here at new under construction NES Secretariat site at Richi, Jullang said that Nyishi should need to be united for peace and prosperity and all round development of community and state and for future. We being the largest tribe of state need to guide other community and not to get misguided by the vested interest.

Today world is going forward and we too have to follow and everything are only possible if we are not utilized as an instrument for creating problems but to serve the society and live with dignity with peace and prosperity.

He also repeat the proverb “ if you cannot do good to your neighbour please do not harm them”.

Minister, Urban Development, Housing, Land Management, Law & Judicial Nabam Rebia said that we are son and daughter of Abotani and elaborated the way the derogatory word Dafla was changed in the parliament and role played by him as a members of Parliament in the issue.

Rebia said that our mentality and thinking also need to changed as the work Dafla have been replaced by Nyishi and appeal all the discourage clan based organisation for coming generation and appeal to unite.

Arunachal-  NES celebrates XIth Nyishi Day

Minister PHE, IPR & Parliamentary Affairs Bamang Felix in his address said that it is the day when we proclaimed ourselves as Nyishi, we need to upheld the very meaning of the word and wish all on the occasion for a successful celebration.

Former MP and Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee President Takam Sanjoy in his address said that we have carried our many expedition since Ahom King, pre India Independence during British rule and  even later period the derogatory word Dafla was replaced on the day through constitution of India through by a  legislation by the Parliament and termed the day as correction day given to the outside world that we have never been a Dafla and only Nyishi and great son of Abotani , we are group of people with a distinct culture with tradition and multifaceted profession and the day manifest our strength, courage unity and never been communal.

Former NES President and Chief Information Commissioner Dr. Joram Begi in his address said that we have been able to convinced the Government of India constitutionally and we have established and get it replaced through a constitutional amendment and hope that the society work in the interest of all round development of state.

Nyishi Art & Culture Welfare Society Chairman Bengia Tabb, NES General Secretary Heri Maring, IPR Secretary Nabam Takar among other address the gathering.

Legendary singer Taba Yall Nabam sung her numbers ‘Kumchi lela’ and mesmerized the audience.

On occasion a book “ Hange Mynam” of lyrics of 100 Nyishi songs (a philanthropic work) by Biki Para Tok, a Nyishi audio melody album “Anya Volume II produced by Tok Buttom & Dr Boa Reena Tok `was also released.

`Lawmaker Tapuk Taku, Pani Taram, Techi Kaso, former MLA Atum Welly, Tatar Kipa, Kipa Babu, senior leader of society Ligu Tacho, IMC Councillor, PRI leaders, GBs, students leaders general public among others were present on the occasion.

Several cultural programmes were also part of celebration which was performed by several local artist and groups.

On occasion a volleyball friendly match was also organised between NES vrs ANSU

Progressive entrepreneur and social worker Likha Maj announced his contribution of Ten Lakh for construction of the Nyishi Secretariat followed by several others.


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