Kishon Tekseng and Taka Tamut of Arunachal scale Mt Everest

Arunachal Mountaineers Kishon Tekseng and Taka Tamut showed their skill, determination and capabilities to the World with the scaling of Mt. Everest.



Once again Arunachal Mountaineers showed their skill, determination and capabilities to the World with the scaling of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak in the World without the help of their Sherpas.

Kishon Tekseng from Yingkiong  Upper Siang District and Taka Tamut from Jomlo Mongku, Siang District  summit the Mt Everest on 24th May at 9 am after gruelling 13 hours nonstop climbed without any support staff.

In a press release from Sports & Youth Affairs department,  Joint Director Ramehs Lingi said that our climbers climbed without any support from the last camp to Mt Everest without help from sherpas.

Unfortunately one of their Sherpa got head injury during the climb at Camp –III due to shooting rocks and gone to unconscious.  He rescued by rescue helicopter , now he had done head surgery at Katmandu in a critical condition.

With the another Sherpa they managed to reached up to camp IV, the last camp. Luck was not favoured the team again, another Sherpa got high altitude sickness (HAS) and unable to proceed with them for the final summit assault.

The 99.9 mountaineers took the support of Sherpas to climbed Mt. Everest summit but the two mountaineers were helpless and decided themselves to go at their own to the summit at any cost.

The decision was very risky and challenging one but it comes out fruitful to the poor mountaineers and they created history.

They unfurled the Tri colour, Arunachal State Logo and Departmental Logo on the top. Climbing once and returning safe is considered a BIG achievement. The another exemplary record of team was Kishon Tekseng was not using supplementary oxygen till Camp IV (26000)ft.

Both the mountaineers were tap and trained by the Directorate of Youth Affairs, under the guidance of Dr. K. Romeo Meetei, (ace mountaineers) In charge adventure Cell, they were trained for the last 4 years in different National institutes and locations.

Before the Mt. Everest expedition both Taka Tamut & Kishon Tekseng scaled Mt. Stok Kangri, at Ladhak Himalayas as pre Everest Expedition under the leadership of Dr. Meetei. This year 2018, the Department of Youth Affairs, sponsored three mountaineers from the state including Mrs Muri Linggi for Mt Everest expedition and comes out 100 % success. The release added.


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